The Showdown: Wilkin Vs. Romans


Tim (Team Lost in the Fog) Vs. Dale (Team Victory):

The Teams have been drafted! Tim Wilkin vs Dale Romans. It doesn't matter which level of race the horse competes so it makes this quite simple.  If one of their horses finishes 1st in any race run now through Belmont Stakes that horse will be awarded 10 points.  A 2nd place finish in any race run now through Belmont Stakes earns that horse 7 points and a 3rd place finish will earn 5 points for that horse.  


The team who's horses accumulates the most total points now through the Belmont Stakes on June 10th will be declared the winner

Tim (Team Lost in the Fog):

Arabian Knight

Forte - 10

Wonder Wheel


Cody's Wish

Dale (Team Victory):

Art Collector - 7


Hoosier Philly

Cyclone Mischief - 5

Charge It - 7

Dale currently leading 19 -10