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Equine Forum – February 15, 2014

HRRN’s Farm tour continues as Mike Penna broadcasts live from Coolmore Farm in Lexington. Special guests include Coolmore’s Adrian Wallace, Scott Calder & Dermot Ryan. Plus Ellis Starr, and trainer Mark Casse.

Mark Casse Interview – February 15, 2014

Mike Penna interviews trainer Mark Casse on the February 15 edition of the Equine Forum.

Xpressbet Weekend Stakes Preview – February 14, 2014

From February 14, 2014, Mike Penna and Ellis Starr handicap the weekend’s biggest stakes races including The Very One Stakes, Mac Diarmida Stakes, Barbara Fritchie Stakes, Santa Maria Stakes, El Camino Real Derby, Essex Stakes, and more, plus give you the “Xpress-Bet of the Day.” Call In Show – February 13, 2014

HRRN’s Call In Show February 13, 2014. Hosted by Chad Summers and Ed DeRosa, with a special interview with Larry Culmus.

Equine Forum – February 8, 2014

Mike Penna broadcasts live from Texas Roadhouse in Lexington, KY to promote their “Polar Plunge” to benefit Special Olympics Kentucky. Joined by Bruce Stebbins from Texas Roadhouse, and Terry Meyocks, National Manager of the Jockeys’ Guild. Plus, special interviews from the Jockeys’ Guild Conference with John Velazquez, Sheldon Russell, Ramon Dominguez, and Dr. Kenneth Perrine.

John Velazquez Interview

Mike Penna interviews John Velazquez at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Ramon Dominguez Interview

Mike Penna interviews Ramon Dominguez at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Sheldon Russell Interview

Mike Penna interviews Sheldon Russell at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Dr. Kenneth Perrine Interview Pt. 1

Mike Penna interviews Dr. Kenneth Perrine at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Dr. Kenneth Perrine Interview Pt. 2

Mike Penna interviews Dr. Kenneth Perrine at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.