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Horse Racing Radio Network (HRRN), the Eclipse Award-winning broadcast organization based in Lexington, KY, announced Thursday it will provide special coverage of the 38th Annual Symposium on Racing & Gaming in Tucson, Arizona, beginning Tuesday, December 6th.

HRRN President Mike Penna and co-host Jude Feld will anchor a pair of two-hour shows, Tuesday, December 6th, and Wednesday, December 7th, presented by Keeneland. The shows will air live from 10:00a.m. to Noon ET exclusively on the HRRN website,, and will be available via podcast on the HRRN site following each broadcast.

“I have attended the Symposium the past couple of years and have always thought it would be a great event to cover,” said Penna. “Many of racing’s most prominent industry professionals are in attendance to discuss topics that impact the sport on a daily basis. As HRRN continues to expand our reach, we pride ourselves on being able to provide coverage of racing’s biggest events, and the Symposium on Racing & Gaming is certainly one of those events.”

“This year’s attendees will experience a greater focus on digital age applications than ever before,” said Doug Reed, director of the UA Race Track Industry Program. “In addition, guests will hear from many speakers outside the industry which will provide new and different ideas that can be implemented.”

“The Symposium on Racing and Gaming is such an important forum for leaders in our industry to exchange ideas and debate critical issues,” said Keeneland Vice President & COO Vince Gabbert. “This is an exciting opportunity to partner with HRRN to bring the discussion to those not able to attend.”

Each show will feature live interviews with special guests to discuss various industry issues being addressed at the symposium. A schedule of symposium events can be found on the University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program site:

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