The body stores fat in three main ways: Structural fats - the packing fats present between organs and limbs, normalsubcutaneous fat - the noticeable fat under the skin that makes one look flabby (this fat is easily burnt when one is hungry or when exercising), and visceralabnormal fat which is the dangerous fat that surrounds the organs (it is known to cause obesity, liver and cardiovascular conditions and diabetes). The body cannot access this abnormal fat as easily thus making it pretty hard to get rid of. The hypothalamus gland in the brain is responsible for regulating fat storage among other vital functions. As the best weight loss supplement homeopathic HCG stimulates this gland to mobilize these dangerous fats hence kick-starting weight loss. this guy Achieving the perfect weight and maintaining it, makes a person feel happier about themselves and allows them to be more confident in their day to day life. garcinia cambogia weight loss Rice Bran Health Benefits: what is the most effective weight loss supplement? So, in my opinion it is extremely important to work with your subconscious mind if you are to be successful in losing weight and also just as importantly keeping weight off. spirulina pacifica weight loss One hour later, you will have done 22 minutes of the vacuum pose. 2 weeks later, you ll have about 2 inches less around your waist. That s how to lose inches off your waist in 2 weeks without dieting, going to the gym, or taking weight loss pills. chia seeds weight loss HRRN Shows – The Horse Racing Radio Network

HRRN Shows

HRRN brings you a variety of different programing throughout the week, focusing on different aspects of thoroughbred racing. Our original programming includes:
  • Equine Forum – Saturdays, 8 – 10 a.m. ET. Mike Penna brings you the latest news from the world of thoroughbred racing and interview top trainers, jockeys and industry insiders.


  • Trainer Talk – Wednesdays, 6  -7 p.m. ET. An up close and personal conversation with two different trainers each week. Mike Penna brings you two 30-minute interviews every week, and delve deep into the careers of some of the  sport’s top trainers.


  • Brisnet Call In Show Thursdays, 6 – 7 p.m ET. The phone lines are open for you, the listener, to discuss the topics you choose. Call 888-966-4776 to ask our HRRN crew a question, or voice your opinion!


  • XpressBet Weekend Stakes Preview Fridays, 6 – 7p.m. ET. Our top Handicappers breakdown the weekend’s biggest races in great detail and give you the “Xpress Bet of the Day.”


  • HRRNLive! Weds. – Fri., 3 – 6p.m. ET. Live thoroughbred racing from tracks around the country. Hosted by Chad Summers,  Anthony Stabile, Sean Feld and Ellis Starr. 


  • Live Race Coverage (Various times). The biggest events in Thoroughbred Racing can be found right here on HRRN. From the Triple Crown to the Breeders’ Cup, we have all the racing action live!


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