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Jimmy Barnes Interview – April 19, 2014

Mike Penna interviews Game On Dude assistant trainer, Jimmy Barnes.

Sandra Dono Interview – April 19, 2014

Mike Penna interviews Lucy’s Bob Boy Trainer Sandra Dono

D. Wayne Lukas Interview – April 12, 2014

Mike Penna interviews Hall of Fame trainer, D. Wayne Lukas.

Chantal Sutherland-Kruse & Kayla Stra Interview – April 5, 2014

Mike Penna interviews jockeys Chantal Sutherland-Kruse & Kayla Stra on the April 5th Equine Forum.

Rick Violette Jr. Interview – April 5, 2014

Mike Penna interviews Rick Violette Jr., on the April 5th Equine Forum.

Alan Sherman Interview – April 5, 2014

Mike Penna interviews Alan Sherman on the April 5th Equine Forum.

Kiaran McLaughlin Interview – March 29, 2014

Mike Penna and Kurt Becker interview Kiaran McLaughlin on the March 29th Equine Forum.

Jose Garoffalo Interview – March 29, 2014

Mike Penna and Kurt Becker interview Wildcat Red trainer, Jose Garoffalo, on the March 29th Equine Forum.

Wayne Catalano Interview – March 22, 2014

Mike Penna interviews trainer Wayne Catalano on the March 22nd Equine Forum.

John Sadler Interview – March 15, 2014

Mike Penna interviews John Sadler on the March 15th Equine Forum.