So what is this so-called coconut water? Coconut water is the clear liquid inside of young, green coconuts. As coconuts mature the water is replaced by coconut meat. Coconut water is lightly cloudy with a slightly sweet and nutty taste. Before opening a coconut to remove the water, coconut water is sterile. Once removed it is packaged in cans, tetrapaks, or plastic bottles to keep it from fermenting. In its natural habitat of the tropics, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean, coconut water is sold fresh by street vendors who cut open the coconut right in front of your eyes. dukan diet book The Nutrilite range of products is manufactured by the Access Business Group in California. It is sold exclusively by Quixtar through its network of affiliates known as Independent Business Owners, and renowned MLM Company Amway. Amway has been a co-promoter of the brand and has promoted the concept through campaigns, commercials, and documentary films. a diet to lose weight 1. Vinegar Diet. Legend tells us it was the English poet Byron who started, and popularized, the Vinegar diet. This diet was pretty uncomplicated due to the fact people would simply stir three tablespoons of vinegar into water. They would take the solution prior to each and every meal due to the fact they imagined that this would be effective in weight loss. Till today, this eccentric diet is still enjoyed by many people. One thing to be wary of, it is still unknown whether vinegar contains any ingredients that actually help in dieting. fastin weight loss pill Note that 4HourBod also included beverages containing aspartame (Nutrasweet) on this list. However, there is NEVER a good consumable that contains this sweetener. It is a metabolic poison that should always be avoided, regardless of whether you are dieting. best diets for losing weight Lot many people are afraid of taking different types of supplements due to its poor name. There are lots of dangerous effects that have been recorded concerning different diet additions in the market. Folks are afraid about these deadly products in the market. You ve got to be aware that there are still products in the market that you can trust such as Capsiplex and Capsipure. best way to fast for weight loss Lee – The Horse Racing Radio Network

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Equine Forum – February 15, 2014

HRRN’s Farm tour continues as Mike Penna broadcasts live from Coolmore Farm in Lexington. Special guests include Coolmore’s Adrian Wallace, Scott Calder & Dermot Ryan. Plus Ellis Starr, and trainer Mark Casse.

Mark Casse Interview – February 15, 2014

Mike Penna interviews trainer Mark Casse on the February 15 edition of the Equine Forum.

Xpressbet Weekend Stakes Preview – February 14, 2014

From February 14, 2014, Mike Penna and Ellis Starr handicap the weekend’s biggest stakes races including The Very One Stakes, Mac Diarmida Stakes, Barbara Fritchie Stakes, Santa Maria Stakes, El Camino Real Derby, Essex Stakes, and more, plus give you the “Xpress-Bet of the Day.” Call In Show – February 13, 2014

HRRN’s Call In Show February 13, 2014. Hosted by Chad Summers and Ed DeRosa, with a special interview with Larry Culmus.

Equine Forum – February 8, 2014

Mike Penna broadcasts live from Texas Roadhouse in Lexington, KY to promote their “Polar Plunge” to benefit Special Olympics Kentucky. Joined by Bruce Stebbins from Texas Roadhouse, and Terry Meyocks, National Manager of the Jockeys’ Guild. Plus, special interviews from the Jockeys’ Guild Conference with John Velazquez, Sheldon Russell, Ramon Dominguez, and Dr. Kenneth Perrine.

John Velazquez Interview

Mike Penna interviews John Velazquez at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Ramon Dominguez Interview

Mike Penna interviews Ramon Dominguez at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Sheldon Russell Interview

Mike Penna interviews Sheldon Russell at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Dr. Kenneth Perrine Interview Pt. 1

Mike Penna interviews Dr. Kenneth Perrine at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Dr. Kenneth Perrine Interview Pt. 2

Mike Penna interviews Dr. Kenneth Perrine at the Jockeys’ Guild Conference in Hollywood, Florida.