For example, let s say you are doing a dumbbell lunge to work your lower body. The lunge is a unilateral knee-dominant exercise which when performed correctly dramatically increases single-leg strength and stability and is a key movement pattern to teaching your body how to decelerate or efficiently stop and go on command. Well if you add a dumbbell curl to press at the end of each lunge, you would transform this exercise from a great lower body exercise to an even better TOTAL body exercise by simultaneously involving your upper body. The curl to press is in itself a combination upper body movement that works both pull-push components at the same time. Plus, your core is the link between all integrated upper and lower body movements so any time you perform an upper-lower body combo exercise your core automatically gets called into action. In other words, choose the right exercise and it s one and your done! does pure garcinia cambogia extract work weight loss In some women, unexplained weight gain may be brought on by one s menstrual cycle or pregnancy. The hormonal modifications that happen during a woman s menstruation might cause her to gain some weight. In a comparable way, a pregnant woman may also experience adding up some weight which is natural with the development of the fetus inside the womb. click to read more To this end, Innovative Technologies Corporation of America has made it quick and easy to embrace a low-carb lifestyle by creating Carb Crusher, a tea that contains an extract of the patent-pending ingredient GCA. gymnema sylvestre weight loss Today many of us still believe that the less you eat, the better it is for you weight loss progress. However it is not really true, because the fewer calories we eat, the hungrier we are and the harder it is to keep to diets. fat loss idiots Protein hormones such as insulin, leptin, adiponectin, IGF-1, and ghrelin respond to what you eat, especially to carbs. Keeping all of these in balance regulates your metabolism - i.e., your ability to burn fat. If you eat fast carbs that spike your blood sugar, the hormone response is too strong and lasts too long. The overall result is metabolic imbalance (e.g., overstorage of fat). best workout for fat loss November – 2013 – The Horse Racing Radio Network

Monthly archive - November 2013 Call In Show – October 31, 2013

HRRN’s Call In Show October 31, 2013. Hosted by Chad Summers and Ed DeRosa.

Breeders Cup Countdown Show – Thursday October 31, 2013

Mike Penna, Jude Feld, Kurt Becker, and Chad Summers broadcast live from trackside at Santa Anita Park for Thursday’s Breeders’ Cup Countdown Show. Special guests include Channing Hill, Alistair Donald, Mike Battaglia, Elliott Walden, and Patti & Dean Reeves .

Trainer Talk with Jeremiah Englehart and Jim Cassidy – October 30, 2013

HRRN’s Trainer Talk show, presented by Fasig-Tipton from October 30, 2013, trainers Jeremiah Englehart and Jim Cassidy talk about their careers.