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Monthly archive - October 2012

Trainer Talk with Ken McPeek & Wayne Catalano, October 3, 2012

Trainers Ken McPeek and Wayne Catalano join us on this weeks edition of Trainer Talk on HRRN’s Final Furlong show. Listen as Mike Penna and Jude Feld talk with them about their careers and how they got their start in racing.

Trainer Talk with Ron Ellis – September 26, 2012

Trainer Ron Ellis joins Mike & Jude to kick off our inaugural edition of Trainer Talk on HRRN’s Final Furlong Show.

Equine Forum Podcast October 5, 2012

Mike Penna and Jude Feld are joined in studio by special guests John Gasper and Steve Castagnola, and on the phone by Ed DeRosa. Plus Roy Steele’s weekly segment “Helping You Win More” presented by horsewhispererusa.com.

“To Bet or Not To Bet”

By Jude “Pontiff of the Pick Four” Feld

When Oakland A’s catcher George Kottaras hit an important game-winning home run against the Texas Rangers in the final throes of the 2012 season, he said, “We stuck to our game plan.” Read more